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First Footwear Collection


We are happy to Introduce our First Footwear Collection. It consists of a Chelsea Boots line up. 

Hand made in Portugal by a factory with 30 years experience of crafting the finest shoes. We ensured that we provide you the best quality product as an introduction for our first footwear collection. The Chelsea Boots will be limited to 100 pairs per style. 

Our mission is to give you the best possible footwear experience – and always at a fair price. 

By working with the Portuguese factory,  we are very much hands on with the entire process, from selecting high quality materials to ensuring the fit & durability is of high standards. 

Our shoes will get even better. Your style will get even better. We’ll listen to your feedback about what makes a great footwear and create products that deliver you that experience. In the end, we hope you’ll enjoy the shoes even more.

If you have any question, email us on: