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How to solve a problem of streetwear, fashion, travel, and scholar backpack?
26 Jul

How to solve a problem of streetwear, fashion, travel, and scholar backpack?

One day Marc Wenn decided to plan his business from the customer's point of view. How to solve a problem of streetwear, fashion, travel, and scholar backpack?

The customer wanted an innovative backpack, something handmade, able to meet his/her needs, with quality fabric and able to contain a tablet or a laptop, as well as school and college supplies.
Marc Wenn thought it was the market that had to propose a backpack suited to the needs of the client, and not that the customer had to accept what is being sold passively.
With great pride, we are here to announce our backpacks, a genuinely innovative product without any rival in the world.

How Our Backpacks Are Innovative?

Starting from its durable design. The research team of Mark Wenn have invested a year in designing a perfect and luxurious backpack. A year of experiments, failures, changes and persistent efforts to achieve perfection to every detail.
However, in the end, our line of Marc 1 backpacks was ready.
Marc Wenn and all the staff we are proud of our EVOLUTION:
A spacious backpack that could comfortably accommodate a laptop or Tablet. Something that could be used for scholar, fashion aficionado, or the guy or girl looking for something unique and stylish, fro school or travel.

  • A Product With Personality (Armadillo, Essential, Marc 1)
  • A Product Hand Made by Skilled Spanish Artisans
  • A Product that Respects The Environment Using Only Ecological and Sustainable Leather
  • 100% Certified Ecological Production Process

We at Marc Wenn have bet on this product and when a customer tells us his satisfaction we are proud of our work and the time we have invested.
As-of-today, we can say with great satisfaction that no customer has ever filed a complaint about the quality of our product and that every review is positive.
However, our greatest joy is to have created something truly unique and innovative, a real investment for the customer who seeks quality fabric, lots of space, a sustainable work process and consistent quality at an economical price.
Our backpacks section is constantly updated always to propose new products and meet the needs of many categories of customers, and we invite all visitors to the site to check the section for each update periodically.

Thanks again for your trust.  Your satisfaction is our greatest engine.

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